Your Liposuction Restoration – Clever Strategies to Prepare & What You Should Expect

The restoration from your liposuction is a process you should understand before going plastic surgeons in Hawaii forward with the procedure. It’s important you know what to expect and how to arrange so you are ready for your surgery.

Your plastic surgeon will give you their recommendations on how quickly you should return to your daily life, including work. These will be based on your particular case and your overall health.

Immediately after your liposuction you’ll probably feel a little disoriented. Because of that you must arrange for a ride home from a friend or family member. You should also have someone who can be around for the first 24 hours to help you get around if needed. You may not need much help, but it’s best to have them there just in case.

You should also arrange by your bedside ahead of time all of your medications as well as something to drink within easy reach. Liquids are essential during recovery.


The day after the procedure is when some pain is most likely to be experienced, if at all. This will not be a major problem, but could require some pain medication.

The day after is also a time when it can be beneficial to start doing some walking for short periods around your home. This has been found to help your circulation, reduce any pain and aid your overall restoration. You should not keep walking, though, if it becomes uncomfortable or if you are tired.


Generally, most patients can expect to be able to move normally and possibly even return to work within a week or less after surgery. There may still be some discomfort during this time. After about 2 weeks, most will feel a complete return to normalcy and you will start to see the results of your liposuction appear. These results will evolve and emerge over time, rather than all at once.

Despite your ability to move normally once again, your stamina may not be at the same level as before. You will get it back, but it might take a few weeks before it rises to its old levels consistently. In the meantime there could be ups and downs in your energy levels. This is not unusual.

You could have some swelling, bruising and/or numbness during the initial recovery time. These will all start to go down quickly, though the swelling will be slowest to do so. It will inevitably go down completely and, even with that initial swelling, you’ll probably be smaller than before.

The return to work and some normal activities is a good step forward, but some limits are needed. Do no do any active exercising for at least the first week. It’s crucial that you give your body the time it needs to adjust and recuperate.

Your plastic surgeon will be the final authority on what you should do during your time after your liposuction surgery. Follow their directions and ask any questions about what is appropriate for you during those first weeks. That is the best path to a safe and successful liposuction.